WoW Fishing Leveling Guide

In WoW you can choose fishing as a secondary gathering profession in addition to your 2 primary professions. Fishing allows you to improve your hunting skills and lets you fish the various forms of aquatic life beneath the waters in WoW.

Through fishing you are able to find food and a range of other items. Hunter can use food to feed their pets and some items can be cooked to better their effects. Through fishing you can also find treasure chests and at times reagents which are useful for Alchemy.

You can start fishing once you reach level five. To start fishing you first need to talk to a fishing trainer who will teach you the basics. Fishing trainers are different for each race and all the trainers can be found at the waters edge where you start fishing.

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Fishing trainers are located at numerous places throughout the game, but to start with you'll need to go to the following places:

Humans begin Fishing at Goldshire, Taurens near Bloodhoof Village, Gnomes to the North of Brownall Village, Dwarves also start just north of Brownall Village. The location where Orc's and Trolls start out is just south of Sen'jin in the Sea, and the Undead begin in the lake east of Brill.

There are 3 different places a Night Elf can start from. The first is the water around Darnassus, then you've got the lake near Dolenaar, and they can also start in the sea near Rut'Theran Village.

If you are already an experienced WoW player you can fish anywhere you like.

You might find it useful to grow your characters fishing ability in line with your character leveling. In other words, space out the fishing skill leveling across different levels. One tip that has worked well for some players is to max your fishing ability out at 150 for level 10, you'll then be a powerful fighter with the fishing pole.

Fishing is a profession that's easy to learn, and that can be very useful. The only real necessity to mastering this profession is time. If you're willing to put the time in to learn fishing, you'll eventually be able to fish the lucrative waters of Azshara and make some serious money.