Earning Gold in World of Warcraft

The Auction House is a Money Machine

The AH lets you turn your items into gold. Learning how to effectively use the AH is a critical step in moving towards WoW riches. Not knowing how to properly use it will result in underperforming and a lot of frustration.

One of the ways you can make the AH more effective is by using an add-on. The Auctioneer add-on can be downloaded at http://auctioneeraddon.com. Once you master this add-on the Auction house will become much easier and more profitable to use.

Trade Skill Items

As is so often the case in WoW, players are lazy and are unwilling to do hard work. If you do put in the hard work you will get big rewards however. One way that you can make good amounts of gold is by farming trade skill items.

Reputation Based Items

By building up your reputation you’ll get offered high value items at lower prices. Use these to you advantage by reselling them for a profit. You’d be surprised at the number of players in WoW who would rather pay for something than source it themselves.

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